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Achieving the best possible return on your investment should always be the key focus for any investor regardless of if you have 1, 5 or 20 properties. Our team of experienced property managers are dedicated to providing comprehensive recommendations to maximise your portfolio as a whole. The below highlights the 6 reasons why consolidating your assets with Crown Property Agency will be the most beneficial for maximizing your capital potential.

Single Point of Contact

Maximise your valuable time by ensuring you have a singular point of contact for all of your property management-related matters. Crown Property Agency is a full-service agency ensuring that all aspects of administration, communication and management of your investment property are taken care of, and to the utmost degree.

Clients are provided a singular Property Manager across their portfolio to ensure longstanding relationships and thorough historical understanding of a clients preferences, needs and desired outcomes. This singular point of contact also sets the high expectation clients should expect to receive across all interactions, communications and representations.

Better Strategic Planning

The Crown Property Agency team always aims to ensure each client’s return on investment is maximized, whilst minimizing their risk. By consolidating your property portfolio your property manager has better visibility across all of your property assets to monitor and manage your leases, renewals, rental terms, and importantly that everything meets the compliance standards under the Residential Tenancy Act.

By having complete oversight across a clients property portfolio our experienced property managers can make the most effective recommendations on how best to further leverage your position.

Improves Cost Effectiveness

As part of ensuring our clients achieve the best possible returns, Crown Property Agency provides a highly competitive cost structure. We also ensure that clients who amalgamate their property services with us are able to negotiate ongoing management fees to achieve the best possible financial outcomes.

Improves Time Efficiency

Crown Property Agency is a member of REINSW and committed to ensuring all of our client’s properties meet the ever-changing scope of compliance in property letting in New South Wales.

Our work in sourcing a tenant, managing tenancies and ensuring properties are taken care of is all done in accordance with these compliance measures and means you don’t have to spend the time staying up to date with these changes personally.

Online Portal

Crown Property Agency manages digital portals for both owners and tenants. Our clients have instant access to all critical information pertaining to their property including; owners statements, ledgers, income and expenditure statements, and a record of all invoices, historical leases and condition reports.

Having your entire portfolio available via a single portal creates a single point of truth, which proves extremely helpful to our clients when lodging their tax returns.

Loyalty Program

Consolidating your property portfolio with Crown Property Agency will provide you access to the illustrious ‘The Circle” membership by Crown Group. Membership to The Circle provides access to unique benefits ranging from discounts on a Crown Group apartment purchase, to exclusive VIP event invitations, discounts and bespoke service offerings from our luxury brand partners.

We also run a referral program where clients receive a referral bonus on their management fees by referring clients to Crown Property Agency.

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